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counseling for wives of sex addictsWe’re here to help you navigate this confusing and painful time in your life. We know how you feel, because we’ve been there ourselves. We understand the deep, searing pain and the overwhelming loss that come with the discovery that your husband is caught up in the dark web of sexual addiction. We know that you would like to find some way to get him to change. We know, because we, too, wanted desperately to find some way to begin that process in our own husbands and marriages.

As excruciating as this time is, it presents an opportunity in your life. It creates an opportunity to affect significant life change in your life, and hopefully, your husband’s as well. With God’s help this painful reality can ultimately deepen your relationship with your husband, and move your marriage to a new, more meaningful level of honesty between the two of you. It can actually become a springboard to an intimacy you may have never before experienced.

Whether you’re ready to tackle the issue of sexual addiction in your marriage head on, or still feel confused about where to turn for help, we want you to know that we stand ready to provide support and help if you need us. We’d like to help make healing and wholeness a reality in your life, and prayerfully, in your marriage, too.

Because we know exactly how it feels to be where you are right now — and to have no idea where to turn for help — we would love to share the hope, help, and healing we’ve found with you.

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