Restore what Sacredness we had left...

on . hubby and I recommited our vows before God on the beach...

Never Never in my life did I ever believe that sex addiction could happen to my spouse. I'm feeling I live in an exceedingly sureal life at the moment.   Since my husband admitted his addiction, we have been inseperable. Grief, arguing, crying, love making after being tested to comfort each other...if we felt like it. Counseling, Marriage Book reading, prayer, Celebrate Recovery Small Group...facing each other night after night discussing every detail best friends trying to rekindle and restore what sacredness we had left. However today in the torch of understanding...or rather lack of...I have to leave room to understand...not's intense appetite for visual addiction to sex. I believe in Christ alone God can help man, our marriage and sustain my happiness once again with sexual intimacy with my husband.  I have hated the journey but delighted in the arrival of our sacrificial relationship to know one another more deeply and lovely.

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