Announcing Our One-Year Support Group Curriculum to Help You Heal & Grow

Every woman who's lived through the shattering trauma of discovering the man she loves is a sexual addict knows she can't possibly heal with only three months of support and work. While three months can really help, nearly all of us identify specific areas where we need more understanding, growth, and support. And every addict knows this will be a lifelong journey of learning how to break free by using new tools, healing old wounds, and leaning on the support of brothers on the same journey. It's for these reasons we are happy to announce we now offer a menu of options for both women and men. We encourage you to look at what's available to you so you can sink your roots deeply enough to be grounded in your healing and recovery.

Journey to Healing & Joy

Entry-level support group facilitated by several coaches. This is a good place to start, allowing you to grieve, then grow, in a safe, supportive group of women on the same journey.

Journey to Healing & Joy for Partners of the SSA

Entry-level healing for women whose partner's addiction is tied to same sex attraction issues, and the unique wounds that SSA inflicts on a woman's heart and life.

Facilitated by Sarah Fletcher

Support for Ministry Wives

Support geared especially for the challenges faced by women who are either married to a man in ministry, or women who are in ministry themselves.

Facilitated by Sarah Fletcher, who is a also ministry wife.

Journey to Healing & Joy II

Using Life Model curriculum this support group focuses on trauma, particularly in childhood, attachment wounds, growing toward emotional and spiritual maturity, and how to create joy in your life via healthy relationships.

Facilitated by either Jodi Bunting or Katherine Brockman

The 12 Steps from a Trauma-Honoring Perspecitve

This group enables you to learn and utilize the tools found in the 12 steps, without calling you a codependent or coaddict.

Facilitated by Meredith , who has eight years of 12 step growth-work to share with you.

Boundaries in Marriage

Using Drs. Cloud and Townsend's curriculum with rewritten questions specific to partners of sexual addicts, this group will help you identify and begin to use healthy boundaries in your relationships, especially with your partner.

Facilitated by Christy Kane

Learning to Trust After Betrayal

Using Dr. Townsend's new curriculum, this group will help you consider the elements of trusting again in a relationship damaged by betrayal. Whether you are wanting to grow in a wounded relationship, or consider trusting someone in a new one, this group will help you grow in your ability to take that risk when it's time.

Facilitated by Louise Bromley, MA

Always Daddy's Girl

Using H. Norman Wright's book, Always Daddy’s Girl, we will take a look at your relationship with your dad and the effects it has had on you--and on your marriage. Especially helpful for women with father wounds.

Facilitated by Kristie Farnworth

My Story

Using Dan Allendar's book, To Be Told, this group will help you discover God's fingerprints in your story, even in your life's most painful chapters. And it will invite you to discover how your story has uniquely equipped you to encourage others with similar journeys.

Facilitated by Kristie Farnworth

When Trauma Impacts Your Health

If you are one of the many women experiencing new health challenges because of the trauma and anxiety that came with this unexpected journey, this support group is for you. Here you will gain the support and encouragement, along with guidance, to help you take a proactive approach to regaining your health.

Facilitated by Kristie Farnworth, who has also fought to regain her health after trauma

Journey to Healing & Joy as Training for Working with Wounded Partners

This group's purpose is to provide a learning and skill-building opportunity for women who desire to start a JHJ support group in their local area.

Facilitated by Marsha Means, MA

See the Men's One-Year Curriculum .