The First Step Out of Trauma

The First Step Out of Trauma - by Coach Jodi


Trauma takes some of us to a place we never knew existed. Dr. Karl Lehman, author of the book, Outsmarting Yourself,says trauma (and emotional pain) turns off our "relational circuits" in our brain.

Dr. Jim Wilder, coauthor of The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, says trauma causes us to "malfunction and not act like our true self."

It's a natural function of the part of our brain that is trying to protect us from overwhelming pain. But we can get stuck in that state and we need others in our community to help us find a way back to our true self (pre-trauma).

Ed Khouri, coauthor of Joy Starts Here: the transformation zone, says joy happens when someone is "happy as happy to be with me." Have you ever noticed how it makes you feel when you smile at people and they return the smile? This news clip clearly illustrates these concepts by a chance encounter between two strangers. Watch video now


Whether through a death, or the loss experienced because of this addiction, we can find it difficult to connect in joy with others. What if I, like this man, am overwhelmed with grief and loss and my joy cup is completely empty?

Restarting that part of our brain can happen randomly as it did for this man, or we can be intentional about seeking out the things that bring us joy and help us feel like ourselves again. This can be a significant part of our self-care and our journey back to our true self. It doesn't have to be complicated. It can start with a trip to the grocery store with the purpose of bringing some joy to another person.

What have you done to restart your "relational circuits"? What small thing can you do to begin to build your "joy capacity"? We’d love to hear from you!

Coach Jodi