Free Video On Boundaries For Partners of Sex Addicts

Marsha Means

Have you struggled in your effort to use healthy ­­­­boundaries? They are so important, but so hard to learn. Without them, you will likely never heal. Nor will your marriage.

We work to empower the women in our support groups with boundaries. And now we’re working on a boundaries book. But we need your help. Would you help us do boundaries research by filling out our anonymous Boundaries Survey at the link below? You can use it to anonymously let us know which boundaries you've tried, what has worked, and what hasn’t.

As our thank you gift for your help, Dr. Milton Magness ( will send you for free his partners of sex addict’s video on boundaries to help you continue to grow in your ability to use boundaries well.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Marsha Means, MA and the Team at A Circle of Joy

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