A Circle of Sisters: From Our Hearts to Yours

Loving a man who struggles with sex addiction often leaves us isolated with the daily challenges, triggers, and ongoing growth required to thrive, even if we are years into this journey. We truly need each other to make it. Even when we're blessed to have a local support group, life's daily ups and downs call for a ready, steady, source of encouragement. And for those of us who simply can't find local support, the sense of aloneness shrouds our world in overwhelming isolation. We've spent several months building our new, interactive online community, A Circle of Sisters, a place where you could come 24/7 and find strength, hope, help, and encouragement, and be guaranteed privacy.

A Circle of Sisters helps you connect with sisters on this journey, no matter where you live, in a totally secure setting that leaves you in charge of the information you share. We have forums on specific topics to address your specialized needs, and private forums where you can connect with women in your telephone support groups during your weeks together, but also long after your group has ended. The online community is a place where you can ask questions, share ideas, needs, hope, and develop genuine, loving friendship with others on this journey. It offers an ongoing way for you to get support, healing, and growth on a daily basis over the long haul.

Here is what some A Circle of Sisters members are saying about their new online community...

I am so glad the Lord led me to this online community. I have close, Christian sisters in my life, but none of them have walked this particular issue and in the first week, I was so distraught, I couldn’t talk to anyone face to face about what I was living. It was so comforting to get encouragement, love, and support from other women who “got it” on this site. I have NEVER been a real internet/computer person, especially to carry on conversations with strangers, but nobody on this site feels like a stranger…they are all fellow sojourners. I have found great strength here. Thank you again for your ministry and showing us that God does change the ashes to beauty.
This site is a great blessing. I am so grateful I found all of you.

One member welcoming another:

I am glad you found this site where you can find support, understanding, and encouragement for your journey. Everyone here wishes they weren't, but I know for me it has been so helpful to know I am not alone. May God give the strength you need for today and may you know without a shadow of a doubt you are loved beyond measure by the One who created you. Nothing can EVER change that.
Glad you are here. It's not a nice reason to meet, but it's so relieving and encouraging to finally get the support and understanding we are looking for.

We invite each of you to visit A Circle of Sisters and use your free, one-month membership. Check out our many topical forums, gain encouragement and strength, and make new friends with other women on this journey. We know you'll be glad you did.