A Woman's Healing Journey Becomes A Circle of Joy

Since I launched this ministry known as A Woman's Healing Journey in 2004, we've continued to look for new ways to help wounded womens' hearts heal. We've also become deeply aware that helping marriages heal is usually a big part of what a woman wants and needs, including deep emotional intimacy with her husband.

So when that doesn't happen—when her husband remains handicapped in knowing how to grow deep emotional intimacy with her—full healing fails to happen for both of them. What they need, and what each longs for, remains out of their reach. In the last few months we've added wonderful new resources to fill that gap.

Now, it gives me great joy to introduce to you Pastor Steve and our new men's site, Freedom Unit, as well as the wonderful new telephone support groups Steve offers men in recovery. Because these groups provide a way to heal old heart wounds in a man's life, and help empower him to grow new, deep emotional bonds with his wife, we've titled the groups, Lighting Up Your Wife & Your Life.

I invite you to click on Freedom Unit and look around. Read the articles posted there, and meet Steve by clicking on his brief video so you can hear his passion and his heart. Steve and other men will be adding new pieces to the site monthly, so come back often to read updates. And consider participating in one of the men's groups if you recognize you need more help to grow healthy emotional intimacy with your wife.

Today we are also announcing that we've changed our ministry name to make room for men, and also to fully incorporate the power of the Life Model. This model for healing heart wounds forms the foundation of our philosophy for emotional and spiritual healing and maturity. To that end, I am delighted to introduce you to A Circle of Joy. We are a community of men in recovery and women who are healing, each in small, supportive groups that help them grow the ability to create lasting joy in their lives, no matter what ultimately happens in their marriage.

If you need help to ignite joy in your life, come and join us!

Your sister on this journey,