A Special Group for Men in Recovery:  Lighting up Your Wife and Your Life!

Are you a husband who is in recovery and well on your way to a new way of life, yet the connection between you and your wife is still missing even though you're doing every recovery thing that's been asked of you?

"Bonds are the connections that energize us, motivate our actions and establish our identities," write the authors of the little book, Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You. Bonds are also the glue that holds relationships together, helping heart- connections strengthen and deepen over time.

We are happy to tell you about a special group for a few men who want to learn how they can create and nurture a bond with their wife that will warm her heart, light up her eyes, and energize their lives! This special groups starts soon, so don't delay. Facilitated by Pastor Steve, this 12-week group is limited to five men who are in recovery, and will meet weekly in a telephone/web cam based session for an hour-and-a-half. Together, you will work through the life changing little book, Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, and the workbook, Bringing the Life Model to Life.

Come expecting to break through relational barriers, grow, and heal at a deeper level, and ready to never look back at your old way of relating.

Sessions are $30 each, paid for either $120 in three installments, or $360 in one lump payment.