Scholarships Needed

As we continue to do what God has called us to do to provide hope and help to hurting partners, to their husbands, and for their marriages, we continue to be deeply saddened and troubled by the impact this problem has on so many. And the numbers seeking our help continue to increase. Clearly, a momentum is building and God is moving toward an expanded vision. Please pray for and with us as we strive to follow his leading while making choices and decisions about what that vision should include and how it should look.

Because we have an online presence, we continue to hear from people around the globe. Occasionally, they are missionaries serving in countries with fewer resources, or none at all. Just this morning I did an extended phone call with a missionary in Lima, Peru. This is a marriage filled with deep love, strong faith, and deep commitment to their callings. However, like nearly every addict on the planet, this Peruvian national has a sadly traumatic and deeply wounded childhood history. That is why I'm sharing the need with you.

They desperately need additional resources to heal. As I told this woman about several powerful options that could help them, it gave her hope. She also expressed a strong desire to participate in a Partner's Healing Journey telephone support group with me.

However, she needs a scholarship to do so. If any of you would like to make her participation possible, I know your gift would have enormous value in her healing. And if anyone wants to contribute to their healing as a couple, I would love to see them do a couple's intensive with Dr. Milton Magness in Houston if the details can be worked out. If you are a recovering sex addict, this could be a wonderful part of your amends-making in your own healing journey, if you feel so led. Please pray for them.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We count on them!

Your sister on this journey,