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As a gift to our guests, we are offering ONE YEAR of FREE access to our online A Circle of Sisters community. Click here for the details. Our community offers coach facilitated, focused discussions as well as a safe space to connect with other women just like you.

We are a community of women whose lives have been impacted by our partners' sexual addiction. Each of us cares deeply about the heartache and confusion you feel and wants to provide encouragement, hope, and support. We offer a variety of ways to connect.

Would you like to share your story with someone who gets it? Click here to take advantage of our offer of a FREE, ONE TIME, ONE-ON-ONE sixty minute telephone call with one of our coaches.

From the menu options above, under "Talk With Someone" you will find other options to explore, such as information about our coaches and telephone support groups. And our Facebook page is another good place to connect, find information, and inspiration: 


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Journey to Healing and Joy is a ministry developed to help wives of sex addicts. Here you will not automatically be labeled codependent. Rather, based on recent research, we believe most partners of sex addicts are suffering from trauma, and that many of their symptoms will ease as their trauma is addressed.

This ministry grew out of the personal and professional experience of Christian counselor, author, and speaker, Marsha Means, co-author of "Your Sexually Addicted Spouse." If your husband has affairs, is addicted to pornography, struggles with same-sex attraction, or some other form of extra-marital sexual behavior, you are in the right place. The counselors and coaches who offer help and support here have personally experienced the pain and loss sex addiction brings, whether one is the sex addict or his partner.

Each of us cares deeply about the heartache and confusion you feel and wants to provide encouragement, hope, and support. Because we have not only survived our own painful experiences with sex addiction—but gone on to thrive—we want to help you make the same healing journey. We invite you to reach out and ask us for help.

Endorsement for A Journey to Healing and Joy Ministry, a Circle of Joy Ministry, from Dr. Milton Magness:

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